Let Anniversary become "engine", Chengdu Oaks Plaza scrambling!

Recently, a four-day celebration of the 4th anniversary of Chengdu Oakes Plaza came to an end. The data shows that at the moment when the real business in Chengdu needs to be shattered, the commercial value of Chengnan, with a total sales volume of 18.05 million yuan for three days, an increase of 66% over the previous year, has found a breakthrough in the commercial 4.0 era. See more >>

Oaks super-brand day feast, multi-platform live crazy sales of 50,000 sets

With the advent of December, the temperature plummeted, a carnival feast as a heat wave swept the country. December 3 Oaks Superbrand again another way, different, will be a young, stylish brand image demonstrated most vividly.
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What is the meaning of inverter air conditioner inverter air conditioner

Inverter air conditioner is selected on the basis of ordinary air-conditioning compressor dedicated frequency, an increase of frequency control system.
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