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Service Charges

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First, on- site service fee

1. "On-site service fee" refers to the customer to the designated equipment where the scene, to complete belonging to the "minor repair" range of work content, the customer needs to pay the cost.

1) Family center, light commercial door service fee of 120 yuan. Other models for 150 yuan.

2) The location of the equipment is more than 20 kilometers away from the outlets, charging a remote fee of 2.5 yuan / km.

3) minor repair definition:

A. exclude the general does not involve the cost of materials glitches (or material costs less than 20 yuan). Such as: loosening of the thread, clear the debris inside the machine, the air switch trip, replace the temperature head, capacitors, fuses, cleaning filter, grille, panel components, internal and external machine adjustment (machine noise, line contact

Good and other parts of the adjustment, etc.) and so on.

B. The unit has a major failure, identify the cause of the malfunction and inform the customer.

C. Non-unit failure, check the system to detect the cause of the malfunction to the customer.

4) home inspection, did not find the cause of the malfunction, the fee charged in half.

5) If the first inspection found to belong to the repair or overhaul, and customer acceptance of parts and maintenance costs quoted price to be home again, the second time no additional charge "on-site service fee." (Accessories and maintenance costs see annex)

Second, maintenance service fees

For the range of minor repairs, repair service fees include door fees, maintenance costs, parts costs, remote fees, such as maintenance costs will not be charged after the door fee.

1. Equipment location from the network location more than 20 kilometers, charge 2.5 yuan / km long-distance fee.

2. Maintenance costs: According to the standard maintenance of central air conditioning costs. (See section III)

3. Spare parts costs: Where commercial air-conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. provides accessories, according to the central air-conditioning parts price settlement. (See section IV)

4. The charge standard applies to the general service standards, if the site conditions, there are many people with services, aerial work conditions, the price can be adjusted for some specific charges based on the actual situation and user-friendly negotiation.



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