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The introduction of new products in Canton Fair



In the 115th Canton Fair, AUX air conditioning will launch its new products of V series – VK/VMA/VB. All of them can reach the New ERP in Europe. With the characteristics of fashion, comfort and energy-saving, this new series was endowed with an environmental concept of Green Air conditioner – thinner body, lower noise and higher efficiency.

Among the V series, The VB type used the transparent polymer material -- PMMA. Streamlined appearance of VB, which can bring people with a feeling of elegance and relaxation, makes it be accustomed to fashionable decoration style in residence.

The VMA type has not only beautiful appearance, but also efficient performance. With unique design of the frame, VMA has more airtight integral structure. This ingenious design makes the body be integrated and enlarge the airflow with lower noise by starting it.


Different customers may have different emphasis on the performance of air-con. Equipped with the metallic controller shell, its performance in fire rating and security performance has been greatly enhanced. Therefore, the V series can meet various requirements of people.


What’s more, all these 3 types use AUX's home-grown V platform, which is oriented from the YUE series (marked energy-class 1) of AUX domestic market. YUE series is a new DC inverter series published in 2103. After displayed in the 114th Canton Fair, it obtains a high praise from our partners. And now, this flagship product in domestic market will come to overseas market soon.